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Licencias de las compañías aéreas

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Licencias de las compañías aéreas

Concesión de licencias a las compañías aéreas (UE Reg 2407/1992) - Explicación de esta normativas

Normas para la concesión y el mantenimiento de licencias de explotación a las compañías aéreas (O 12 mar 1998)

La licencia de transporte aéreo -

Régimen de autorización administrativa previa a Iberia (RD 343/2001)

AOC Air Operator's Certificate - Air Carrier Operating Certificate - Certificado de explotador de servicios aéreos

El RD 57/2002 lo define así: "Certificado de explotador de servicios aéreos (AOC). Certificado por el que se autoriza a un explotador a realizar determinadas operaciones de transporte aéreo comercial."

An Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) in Europe or an Air Carrier Operating Certificate in the US is an official document issued to an airline by its national safety regulator. It attests to the airline's competence regarding its ability to conduct a safe operation and clearly defines who is in charge of its safety oversight (normally the national aviation authority). It therefore constitutes the key link to safety oversight.

Within the European Union holders of an operating licence or air operator's certificate are allowed to carry passengers, mail and/or cargo for payment with the community territory. A licence can not be granted unless the carrier is registered in the related member state and controlled by community nationals.